Frequently Asked Questions

What styles of massage do you practice?

I incorporate deep tissue and treatment massage to obtain results in the tissue, posture and range of motion in the body. This work tends to be deeper. I sometimes use cupping as well to help with fascial alignment and to pull the tissue apart.

What is Hydrotherapy?

If you are a bath person an epsom salt bath is wonderful. It helps relieve aches and pains between massages. Please dont stay in your bath for longer than 15-20 minutes as it starts to create inflammation in the body. As far as Ice goes, it can also be helpful. Once you have inflammation in the body an ice pack is great to relieve that inflammation. If you use regular ice only use this for 3 minutes at a time, if you use a gel pack or a bag of peas this can stay on for about 15-20 as well. Frequent use of ice really helps the inital inflammatory process.

Do you provide pregnancy massage?

Yes. I have worked with pregnant women since the beginning of my massage career. I have worked with women from the start of their pregnancies and all the way into the labor room. It is my pleasure to work with Mom and baby (Dad, too!).

Do you take insurance?

Yes. I accept American Specialty Health, Cigna, First Choice Health, Premera, Regence and United.

I also accept Motor Vehicle Accident (PIP) Personal Injury Protection and L & I coverage.

Where are you located?

I am located at 2021 Minor Ave E Seattle WA 98102, in the East Lake neighborhood of Seattle, WA. (click here for directions)

Do you have weekend appointments?

No. However, I have a lot of flexibility during the week and am happy to come in early or stay late to accommodate your needs.

Why should I drink water after massage?

Massage releases accumulated substances (minerals, salt, water) from muscles as well as increases circulation. Drinking water after treatment will help to carry those materials out of the body. Additionally, massage can sometimes be dehydrating. As noted above, water is expelled from muscles, so you want to be sure to replenish!

Please visit us at 2021 Minor Ave E Seattle WA 98102 in the East Lake Neighborhood. We look forward to working with you!

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